Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Compost Bin

$31.99 $21.95



  • This compost bin, having a capacity of 1.3 gallon, is manufactured with high-quality grade 201 stainless steel for optimal longevity and durability that won’t scratch, crack or chip
  • You can let the scraps build up during the week without worrying about attracting flies, pests or bad smells into your home
  • The charcoal filters trap and control odors naturally in the bin so you can keep the compost bin in a handy place on your counter until the bin is full
  • Sturdy, stylish and sleek design complements any decor so that this kitchen compost bin can sit conveniently on your counter-top or wherever you need it
  • Easily wash with warm soapy water and for cleaning of the filter, you shall place your dirty charcoal filter in the bin containing dish-washing soap and allow it to soak


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