Hirta Ceramic Indoor Garden




Ceramic indoor garden handmade in Montreal

The ceramic container and its lid allow you to grow 8 plants of herbs, flowers or small vegetables in a simplified hydroponic system. You can also grow microgreens there on a hemp mat.

Handcrafted in Montreal and adapted to the needs of hydroponic plants, the Hirta ceramic container is easy to use and is dishwasher safe!

In addition, the product comes with a starter kit: 8 reusable mini plastic cups, 8 compostable peat pellets, a seed mix, an instruction booklet and 20ml of nutrients needed by the plants.

This product requires a good source of natural or artificial light to grow edible plants in it.
Click here for our plant light: 13 “LED

Dimensions: 11 ”x 11” x 2.375 ”or 28cm x 28cm x 6cm

Since this product is handmade on demand, please allow approximately 2-3 weeks before shipping.


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